Frequently Asked Questions

Home FAQ

In case you already have your own domain, we will discuss how to transfer your existing domain to our server. In case you don’t have a domain yet, we’ll first discuss which web domain names would be the most appropriate for your needs. We will check if one or more of the desired names are available, and in agreement with you and on your behalf, the selected free domain will also be purchased for you. The development of your website, portal, store… will take place on our server.

Yes, most of our clients need multi-lingual solutions, including ourselves. We have established a collaboration with translation agencies, and yes, we can offer you also translation services in connection with the web solutions we develop for you.

Our online projects are mainly developed in a WordPress and WooCommerce environment that is suitable for most of our clients, both in terms of their available budget and in terms of project duration.

If you have other preferences and requirements, please contact us in order to exchange more information.