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Our Digital Services


We help you develop your idea for a web presentation so that your talents, your competitive advantages and your services or products come to the fore.


We develop your online portfolio, website, portal or online store, which will enable you to present yourself or also sell services and products.


We develop and open online marketing and sales channels for you, including online social networks, and we regularly manage them for you.


We regularly maintain the solution developed by us and also suggest possible improvements to your online presence in accordance with trends.

Duration (in average):
1-3 weeks

Duration (in average):
1-3 months

ongoing (recommended)

ongoing (minimum required)

What is important to know

If you want to get more information about how we work with you in the process of developing your online social identity, and/or online store, write to us using contact details published on this website or fill out the Enquiry Form.  

The usual process of working with you as a (potential) client is briefly described below. More details will be exchange directly in a dialogue with (potential) clients.

  • Pre-sales activities
    The goal of the pre-sales phase is to understand your needs and prepare an offer for the most suitable solution for you.
    We need to exchange more information with you before proposing the right solution for you. We will provide you with access to a structured questionnaire, and the answers will help us define the basics of the project. Based on this, we will then be able to send you an offer.
  • Conceptual and Web Solution Development, Basic SEO, Testing and Client Training on how to update a new website on a regular basis.
  • Advanced SEO (optionally)
  • Integrations with other solutions (optionally)
  • Marketing and Sales support, including possible omni-cross-channels development (optionally)
  • Maintenance and suggestions for improvements – at least a basic level of ongoing maintenance related to the server and software security updates is required.
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